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S.O.B.A. - Supporting Our Brethren Abroad

At Compass Baptist Church we strongly believe that it is the job of the church to "spread the wealth" and help Christians and missionaries in less fortunate countries spread the gospel. However, S.O.B.A. is about more than just money. We also work closely with our missionaries to provide personal support and to stay up to date with their prayer needs.

Often times the relationship with the mission field stops at the giving of money and the occasional update from the field. S.O.B.A. was formed to establish a more intimate relationship with our missionaries. We are more worried about their spiritual well being than how they are spending the money we have donated. While they may be serving on a foreign field they are still our brothers and sisters in Christ and just as we occasionally need encouragement as we go through trials and tribulations, so will they.

S.O.B.A. meets to build and maintain this relationship by:

  • Maintaining contact with our missionaries through monthly emails
  • Maintaining a prayer list for each missionary which is distributed throughout the church.
  • Faithfully praying, as a group and individually, for the prayer requests of our missionaries.
  • Keeping track of each missionary family‚Äôs significant dates and providing cards/gifts.
  • Providing for special needs, words of encouragement, etc.

Malcolm Lambert is the leader of S.O.B.A.

Contact details:

Phone: 0412 262 728