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Using my resources wisely.

What is salvation?

Does God cause disasters?

How can we share our faith?

God's expectations of me.

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The Word of God does not make a distinction between a member of Christ’s body, the universal church, and a member of a local assembly. If an individual has accepted Jesus Christ as his or her Saviour, i.e. has been born again, then they are a member of Christ's body and thus a member of the church. (1 Cor 12:12-31).

For this reason Compass does not have what is traditionally recognised as “church membership”. For instance, we do not put candidates forward for the church to vote on their acceptance as members. Every born again believer who attends services is a welcome member of CBC. However, for the purposes of administration and in order to provide a feeling of connection we ask those who would consider themselves a member of CBC to complete a member registration form.

In completing this form the individual...
  • Acknowledges they have been born again;
  • Agrees to submit themselves to the authority of Compass in spiritual matters; and
  • Commits to giving and using their gifts, time, talent and treasure to fulfill God’s mission for Compass.

While membership provides a sense of belonging it does not carry with it the responsibility to participate in matters of church governance, e.g. selecting deacons, voting on major expenditures, etc. The Bible clearly places this responsibility on disciples. This responsibility is placed upon those members of Compass who submit to establishing themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ by completing Discipleship classes at Compass at a minimum.

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Phone: 0412 262 728