Serious Bible study for young adults

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Typical Topics:

Using my resources wisely.

What is salvation?

Does God cause disasters?

How can we share our faith?

God's expectations of me.

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Bible Study

Visiting Compass

Where is Compass located?

What can I expect?

What do you have for kids?

Ladies Group

The Ladies Group is a chance for the women at Compass to come together and enjoy a time of fellowship and prayer. Here they can share their triumphs and seek encouragement in times of trial. The meetings do not have a formal structure but the following activities are part of every meeting:

  • A short devotion delivered by one of the ladies,
  • A time to share what has been going on spiritually in their lives,
  • A time of prayer, and
  • a time of fellowship around coffee and goodies

The Ladies Group is a good way to meet the ladies in the church and begin to develop friendships.

Sherrie Womack leads the Ladies Prayer Group.

Contact details:

Phone: 0412 262 728