Serious Bible study for young adults

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Typical Topics:

Using my resources wisely.

What is salvation?

Does God cause disasters?

How can we share our faith?

God's expectations of me.

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Church Service

Bible Study

Visiting Compass

Where is Compass located?

What can I expect?

What do you have for kids?

What Can I Expect?

You will find a diverse group of people of all ages and from all walks of life who have a common love for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to serve Him.

Worship Services
  • Our services on Sunday morning consist of singing praises to God through a combination of hymns and contemporary spiritual music; a scriptural reading from the life of Christ; and a sermon delivered from the Bible.
  • Generally our services last between 60 to 75 minutes.
  • Following the service you can grab a cup of coffee and catch up with friends as individual schedules allow.
  • On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate the Lord's Supper (or Communion.)
  • We do not have a dress code at Compass, please be comfortable!

Bible Study
  • Bible Study is a good place to come to get acclimated to the church and meet people in an informal atmosphere.
  • Our Bible Study is intended to be a place where people with questions about God can come to find answers!
  • The basis for all of our answers is not the opinion of the pastor, friends or family, but the Bible.
  • The format is open in that questions do not have to be submitted ahead of time.
  • No question is dumb or stupid! If you want to know chances are so does someone else.

Contact details:

Phone: 0412 262 72822